One Picture Every Day For A Year on Market Street

On April 1, 2010 I started a new project with the goal of taking a photo on Market Street every day for a year. For this project I have defined Market Street as running from Mt. Olivet Cemetery at the south end north to the old Coca Cola warehouse, a distance of about 2 1/8 miles. (If you are not a local, I am talking about South and North Market Street in Frederick, Maryland.)

Although I started shooting on April 1st, I started this photo blog of the project on May 1st. As time allows I will work my way backwards and add the April photos to the blog.

When you visit the photo blog you can use the forward and backward arrows to view other pages. There is an archive button at the bottom of each page that will allow you to view thumbnails of all of the photos from a selected month. You can also subscribe to the photo blog by filling in your e-mail address in the form found at the bottom of each page. Comments are always appreciated.

Always feel free to contact me directly at Wish me luck....